Professional Publications

Since his retirement from the appellate bench in 1981, Judge Evans has written or worked cooperatively with others to write and publish a variety of articles related to the fields of civil justice and alternative dispute resolution, including the following:

  • The State Bar of Texas Handbooks on Alternative Dispute Resolution (First, Third and Fifth Editions (1987, 2003, 2015).
  • American Bar Association Handbook for Judges (Tex. Wesleyan L. Rev. (2004).
  • State Bar Corporate Counsel Section, The Institute for Responsible Dispute Resolution: Designing New ADR Systems for Fast, Efficient, and Effective Resolution of Business Disputes (November 2002).
  • University of Toledo Law Review, Enhancing Worldwide Understanding Through ODR: Designing Effective Protocols for Online Communications (Fall 2006).
  • The Houston Lawyer, The ADR Management Agreement, New Conflict Resolution Roles for Texas Lawyers and Mediators (Sept.2007).
  • State Bar Alternative Resolutions, Managed Dispute Resolution, Designing a Dispute Resolution Process for Efficiency and Affordability (Spring 2009).
  • South Texas College of Law Currents International Trade Journal, Resolving Business Disputes in Latin America: A Continuing Quest for Efficient and Affordable Dispute Resolution in International Transactions (Summer 2009).
  • State Bar of Texas Alternative Resolutions, The Consumers Right to a Trial by Jury (Spring 2010).